Viruses and videos

Today, I’m grateful for something small — really small. A virus. Sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for, doesn’t it? My daughter’s been coughing and complaining that her ears and throat hurt, so I took her to the doctor this morning. (I’m also grateful that she likes going to the doctor. And that we have insurance.) The diagnosis was just a virus, not strep, no bacterial infection, and no inflammation at all in her ears. Yes, this means a few more days — maybe as much as a week — of her having a sore throat and coughing and being just a bit cranky, but it also means that she’ll be fine.

On a related note: I’m also grateful for VCRs, DVD players, and Netflix. It’s nice to be able to let her chill with preschooler-friendly entertainment when she’s home sick, rather than the game shows and soap operas that were on, say, when my older brother and I spent two weeks home with chicken pox.

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  1. It didn’t seem to Stop you from watching them, however. Don’t forget the LPs you listened to, either. Oh, and books? Were any available that you hadn’t read? Or did you re-read some? Like George, I’m just curious….

    • Okay, so that time does account for my familiarity with game-show tropes. And my fondness for the Smothers Brothers., Harry Belafonte, the Grand Canyon Suite, and Flight of the Bumblebee. As it was right after Christmas, I did have new books, but I think I had read them during vacation, so was reduced to rereading everything.

      The girl, however, is younger and still very much in the “I want to do everything with Mommy” phase, so if I’m trying to write, I can’t just hand her a book. Also, headphones for the iPod don’t fit her ears, so music, etc., is not an option. So the videos make a good compromise.

  2. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with videos or DVDs. No comment on Netflix since I’ve never used it. If Mommy has work to do, it’s understandable. I would pick movies if I couldn’t read.

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