Vacation in pictures

Our itinerary:
Pennsylvania to Madison, Wisconsin, overnight stop in Elkhart, Indiana
In Madison for a few days with my mom and younger brother and his fiancée
Madison to Fort Collins, Colorado, overnight stop in Nebraska
In and around Fort Collins for a few days with my in-laws
Fort Collins to Pennsylvania, overnight stops in Lawrence, Kansas, and Lexington, Kentucky

It’s a lot to pack into two weeks, and it was wonderful. (Click through to see pictures up to our arrival in Fort Collins. There are a lot, but even this is just a subset of what I took.)

Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison

Chazen Museum of Art and University of Wisconsin campus

Heading through Iowa
tile mosaic in rest stop

Through Nebraska and to Fort Collins
English cocker spaniels
storm across Nebraska

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  1. Sometimes those fast and furious holidays are the best fun. 😀

    Wow … that goat-rabbit-greyhound thingy looks amazing!

    • Lots of fun indeed! 😀

      I’ll post the close-up of that rabbit. Its surface is incredible! (And I’m terrible — I didn’t note the names of most of the artists.)

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