The storm has passed

The metaphorical storm of kids’ illness, anyway. Last week, my daughter was home sick Tuesday and Wednesday and then sick again on Saturday; my son was home sick Thursday and Friday. This week, so far, no illness. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Other things I am grateful for today: a roof over my head, warmth, clean clothes, hot tea (well, it’s hot when I brew it, anyway; one of these years I’ll get one of those coaster things that keeps your drink warm for you), and people who love me. All the basics.

Oh, yeah — and the actual wintry mix storm of last night has passed, too.

icy dogwood branch

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  1. We are, finally, knee-deep in snow … SNOW!!!! 😀

    • Nice! If I lived closer, I’d lend you a teenager to shovel it. (He’ll do almost anything to get out into the snow.)

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