We can all use a laugh

I love laughing. Who doesn’t? While reading Terry Pratchett’s latest Discworld book, Snuff, I came across the following, which made me laugh because I saw both sides of the exchange clearly:

Miss Beedle led the way out of the hall and into a room in which chintz played a major part, and drew Young Sam over to a large bureau. She opened a drawer and handed the boy what looked like a small book. “This is a bound proof of The Joy of Earwax, and I shall sign it for you if you like.”

Young Sam took it like one receiving a holy object, and his father, temporarily becoming his mum, said, “What do you say?” To which Young Sam responded with a beam and a thank you and a, “Please don’t scribble on it. I’m not allowed to scribble in books.”

Has something made you laugh today? Share in the comments. Or let us know what you’re grateful for today.