Small decisions, big impact

I don’t have a ton to show for this day — I worked on cover copy for the urban fantasy and I’m pretty happy with the current form. If I thought I could tell the story right in a couple hundred words, I’d have written flash in the first place instead of hundreds of pages of story, so in some ways, this is the hardest part of the process for me.

Of course, cover copy isn’t telling the story — it’s dropping just enough coherent details to catch the readers’ attention so they’ll want to read the story. But it’s still hard.

Aside from that, I wrote 152 words but don’t have my stats to hand yet.

And now? It’s the weekend, which means two days in a row of sleeping in!

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  1. Someday I’ll have enough practice with cover copy to not dread it. Today is not that day!

    I like your photo. Are those one of those daffodil looking things that aren’t really daffodils?

    • I understand some people like writing cover copy and even get paid to do it for others. Since I don’t want to pay such a person, I need to learn the skill. *sigh*

      No, these are daffodils, not jonquils, I think.

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