Slow day…

Slow days follow snow days because the schools do two-hour delays, which throws my whole schedule off. I did do useful things — paid bills, talked to my mom — but it took me until the end of the day to start writing. Which means I still don’t have my nice stat block today.

Words written: 421

Completely unrelated thought today: after next Tuesday (and maybe even before), the Easter candy will come out. Which means I can get Just Born jelly beans again! This makes me bounce-up-and-down happy with anticipated sugar rush!

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  1. It’s a true addition when the child is the one to caution :). What’s special about them?

    Hugs on the words and slow days.

    • They’re fruit flavored, and I really like their size and texture — not as small as Jelly Belly, not as large and tough as other national brands like Brach’s.

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