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Just wanted to post a quick note apologizing for my lack of commenting on other A to Z blog participants. I’m a procrastinator (I’d say a terrible procrastinator, but the truth is I’m quite good at it!), and I’m going through piles of receipts as I work through our taxes. I’m sorry; I’ll be back to blog-hopping by Monday.

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  1. Don’t worry – I’ll make up for your lack of commenting by super commenting. I was lousy the first couple days. I’m pretty sure everyone understands!

    • Thanks, Nicki! Every year, I tell myself I’ll be better organized — and it lasts anywhere from three to six months.

  2. As a fellow procrastinator…especially when it comes to taxes, I understand that what has to be done has to get done. The faster you get through those receipts, the quicker they and Uncle Sam will get out of your way, making more room for the remaining weeks in the A to Z challenge. Relax, have fun and do what you gotta do!

    Cheers~ 🙂

  3. There are some incredible blog posts out there. This is the most serious and creative A to Z yet. But yeah, those taxes–somebody’s got to do them. We got ours done kind of earlier this year and it feels good not to be stressing about it now.

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    • As I told Nicki, every year I think I’ll be better organized. Yet here I am, doing them again at the last minute. Congrats on getting yours done!

      Next week, back to checking out some of those other awesome blogs out there.

  4. Taxes…groan. Somehow I managed to get mine done in MARCH this year, instead of April. I feel for ya!

  5. Yeah, you’re a pretty big deal. 🙂 Arlee Bird himself comments on your blog. I’m taking you off my blogroll, Erin, because I’m not on yours and it occurred to me that it’s been kind of a one-way friendship. I’ll be really busy in May with writing my book and all, and I won’t be online to chat (just like you’re really busy now, with writing and whatever).

    I have to stop throwing myself at people. It’s a little pitiful, you have to admit.

    I’m happy for your success. Take care of yourself and best of luck with your writing. I’ve been ignoring the people who care right in front of me. Bonnie for one.

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