What I’m working on now

The hardest part of writing what I am working on now is admitting to myself what I’m not working on. For that matter, the hardest part of adulthood is admitting that I can’t work on everything. Which means that one of the things I’m always working on is trying to figure out what I am actually working on productively versus the things I need to let go.

Other than that?

Being a loving and supportive wife and partner to my husband of 20 years.
Being an awesome mom to my amazing kids (currently 10 and 17).

Writing and publishing the Boston Technowitch series.
Thinking about other potential projects.

Freelance work:
Still working on finding the balance between work I have to do and work I want to do.

Hobbies and crafts:
Reading whatever captures my attention.
Trying to clear out some of my backlog of projects that I’ve started and not finished yet.

Eating a more heart-healthy diet and ramping up my activity level (still working on getting it to moderately active).

Last updated: August 2018

Inspiration: I first learned about /now pages from Austin Kleon, who got the idea from Derek Sivers. If you want to see what hundreds of other people are focusing on in their lives right now, check out nownownow.com.

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