No such thing as a healthy excuse

Today, I had a physical — just a normal, general physical, the kind I should get on a regular basis. Should being the operative word there. The last time I had blood work done was when I was pregnant with my second (who is now a toddler), and that was at the behest of the obstetrician. It’s been even longer since I had an actual physical and answered questions about my eating habits (well balanced, but I snack — a hazard of working at home), concerns, family history, and so forth.

I saw the same person I saw for my second round of bronchitis this winter, which was nice because we’ve already established a baseline rapport. She also followed up on my cough (lingering) and sent me for a check X-ray because my lungs still didn’t sound clear. Should know how that came out in a day or two.

Then there’s the blood work. I was thinking of putting it off. I’ve got a proofreading deadline, and between power outages and late delivery of half the book, I’m not exactly ahead of schedule here. But then I start looking at next week: more snow possible Monday and Tuesday, and who knows what after that. I’m not guaranteed a good time to do this.

So, back to the mantra. No excuses.

Tomorrow, I go in to the lab so they can take the necessary samples. I come home and get to work. Total time lost? Probably less than I usually spend puttering around with e-mail and the like. And then I get back to work.

Who knows? I may even get a Q&A posted tomorrow.

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  1. I’m glad you got the work done and had the physical. I hope everything goes well, but it’s good to have baseline readings to compare for trends, too.

    I love that my clinic has me come in before the appointment to get the bloodwork done — then the doc can go over it with me. My old doc gave me a copy of it. The new guy didn’t — I’m going to ask him for it in June.

    • Yes, I figured even if nothing was wrong, it was good to watch.

      Maripat nudged me in November, and Bonnie and my mother-in-law both did as well. Otherwise, I probably would’ve kept putting it off.

      That is nice to get the bloodwork done first. Do you have to go in to get a prescription first?

      The place I went to way back in Davis actually mailed copies of the results to both me and the doctor, and it came with explanations of what normal was and where I fell. That was really nice.

      I might just ask tomorrow if they can mail me a copy for my records as well. One of the values of HIPAA (did I abbreviate that right?) — all my medical records belong to me. They might ask for a fee to cover copying, but they do have to give me one.

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