mid-August in the yard

Remember that apple tree full of gorgeous blossoms, the branches bending down under their weight? Yeah, sadly, the fruit’s not nearly as impressive. Fewer apples than we had last year, even, and the ones I have any hope of reaching are tiny things.

apple tree

apple tree close-up

I potted up three tomato plants from Home Depot this year, and they’ve all got tomatoes growing on them — beefsteak, Roma, and cherry tomatoes. With luck, some of them will even be ripe before the first frost. (Next year, I really must start my garden a couple of months sooner!)
beefsteak tomato

Roma tomato

cherry tomato

Then there are the sunflowers I planted. They’re not very tall (some birds stole the seeds that are supposed to grow into twelve-foot plants), but they’re getting ready to bloom. No idea why some of the weeds around them look like I planted corn.

sunflower blossom

And something’s been eating my hostas. Could be rabbits. Could be deer, although that seems rather unlikely right next to our front walkway. (Although who knows? I did see one deer at the house across the street, on the driveway, nibbling away at the flowers they had bought to landscape with.)
hostas, a little chewed on

How’s your garden growing these days?

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  1. Deer love hosta. I speak from experience. Rest in peace, dear (deer?) hosta.

    • In Berkeley, it was the slugs you had to watch out for. They’d mow down a fresh-planted hosta overnight. I didn’t realize hosta bloomed until we went out to Wisconsin for my brother’s wedding!

  2. You can bring the potted tomatoes inside and if they can get enough light, will bloom and grow tomatoes all winter.

  3. My garden grows with weeds and Elm seedlings. No produce again this year. We may be in a drought, but the weeds flourish!

  4. Kathleen Hammond

    You will always be a daffodil in the garden of life.

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