Letting go

The obvious thing I’m grateful for is heat — without more soot. I’m also exceedingly grateful that the blocked chimney didn’t cause a fire. And as I go through the house cleaning, I see how very much we have to be grateful for.

Which leads to the less obvious thing I’m grateful for: the soot is making it much easier for me to say, “This has to go” — whether for papers I’ve kept just in case I needed them, books I’m never going to read or reread, or clothes that I’m done fooling myself I’ll ever fit into again. Not all of this stuff needs to be thrown away; some will be recycled or given away. But all of it needs to go away, and I’m in the right frame of mind at last to do that.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. It’s funny how that works. Yesterday I had to rearrange some funiture to accomodate an area rug and the junk on the shelves had to come off to move it. Weeding out by necessity. Now I have a table full of junk to go through – but at least it’s not going back on the shelves. 😉

    A big yay for unblocked chimneys!

  2. Yep. Gotta love that enforced clean up.

    In other news … I keep getting blocked when I link directly to each of your posts via my email. I have to go through your website first. I’ve checked things at my end and was wondering if anything was squirelly at your end. If not I’ll ‘unfollow’ you and then ‘re-follow’. See if that works!

    • Bother! I had one other complain about the links not working, and we poked and prodded and couldn’t figure out what the problem was. *sigh* Try the ‘unfollow’ and ‘refollow,’ and if that doesn’t help, I’ll go poke at the plug-ins again.

  3. You *know* I love hearing letting go stories. Woohoo!

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