Kid tested, wildlife approved

Unlike most (all?) of our neighbors, we don’t use herbicides. Thus, our back lawn has plenty of clover, buttercups, wild strawberries, violets (though they’re past their bloom now), purslane, and I’m not sure what else. Looks mostly green when I look out into the humid world. It’s soft enough for the kids to play on. Works for me.

Also works for the deer. One of the local does came by for dinner last night and breakfast this morning.
deer under the apple tree

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  1. So those weird strawberry looking things in my yard aren’t an experiment from the former owner gown awry? I was wondering how our lawn mower hadn’t rendered them extinct yet!

    It baffles me seeing deer in town like that. We merely get a block-full of bunnies, since they know we are the only house without dogs in a 8-house radius.

    • Nope, not a weird mutated strain. I’ve picked some, rinsed, sugared, and sampled — not really a lot of flavor. The girl likes them, though, and I’m sure the bunnies love the wild strawberries too!

      We do have that big wooded hill nearby, so it’s not like the deer are traveling half a mile or more to get the delicacies in our yard. 😉

      And evidently our dog is not a real deterrent to the local fauna.

  2. Huh, that’s odd. Wild strawberries are usually much stronger in flavor. But sounds like a great lawn :). We’re waiting for the home owners association to challenge our “grass” because some local clover has taken residence and I’m thrilled with it.

    • One of the few advantages I’ve found to living out here: fewer nosy homeowners associations. 😉

      Good luck keeping your clover!

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