It might finally be autumn

Temperatures have been in the 60s for a few days, and it’s been raining all day. Very autumnal.

Friday was trick-or-treating, yesterday I took the boy for an eye appointment (new glasses ordered!), and today was hanging out watching my husband game. But I figured out a new opening chapter for Troll Tunnels, which will make the entire book stronger — and wrote 168 words today!

I’m behind on posting my Inktober sketches. Friday’s prompt was “climb,” Saturday’s was “fall,” and today’s was “united.” So my drawings are a pair of ring-tailed lemurs from the Henry Vilas Zoo, some shergottite originally from Mars that fell in Morocco and is currently housed in the geology museum of the Colorado School of Mines, and a mosaic from an Iowa rest stop along I-80.

drawing of lemurs
photo of lemurs
srawing of rocks
Mars rocks
drawing of mosaic
photo of mosaic

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  1. WOW!!

  2. I like the mosaic. I immediately wondered if I know that rest stop, but I’m more familiar with the ones on I380 (with the exception of the Iowa 80 truck stop outside of Walcott).

    I’m glad for the cooler weather. I like knowing what season it is by walking outside (and not melting).

    • Thank you!

      I thought I must have at least one or two friends who know that rest stop. We do a fair bit of travel on both I-80 and I-90. Amusingly, the stretch of I-80 from 33 to NYC is the only part I’ve never been on. I should rectify that sometime.

      Cooler weather is fine — I like cold enough to kill pollen-bearing plants, but not icy yet!

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