Inktober 8 — jellies

I spent most of the day sitting outside for a yard sale that didn’t get much sold. (On the other hand, we earned something.) You might think this would have been the ideal time for me to sketch, but in the swarms of gnats, that just wasn’t feasible. So after that and making dinner and getting my daughter to bed, I just wanted to do something simple (cue suggestions from son of crazy lady in a lightning storm and from husband of puppy stuck in a tree) — not faces or hands.

Thus, jellyfish.

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  1. Ashe Elton Parker


  2. Nice fishies of jelly. 🙂

  3. There is nothing simple about jellyfish and you’ve done a great job capturing that :). Hugs on the yardsale though.

    • Compared to what my family was suggesting? Easy, blobby things. 😉

      Eh, the yard sale was an experience. Somehow, I’ve made it this many years without ever doing one, and now I have new stuff in the bank of material to draw on when I write. And also a little more money, which is never a bad thing.

  4. Too bad about the gnats. Fall is usually bug free.

    • They’ve been horrendous here this year. Every morning and afternoon at the girl’s bus stop, any time I take a walk … I’m really looking forward to the first hard frost because that should at least get rid of them.

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