Inktober 22 — dragon wing (attempt one)

Okay, so the head actually came out better than I’d expected, so I moved on to the wings. I’m not nearly as happy with this (as you can tell by the annotations), but I know what to work on.

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  1. It looks like a good start. One thing to consider (and you may have already) is if it’s forelegs are part of the wing or if it has six limbs with hands on the wings and forelegs or if the wings are completely separate. It’s not clear which direction you’re going from the drawing but that might help solidify your thoughts.

    • Yeah, think, ‘bats’. 🙂

    • Huh. I thought I’d made enough notes there to make it clear that the wings were forelimbs, and they only have four limbs total. That doesn’t change the need to decide whether the wings are more bat-wing or fish-fin, as those are both forelimbs.

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