I was supposed to be productive 

I was going to do so much today! Primarily, tackle boxes in the garage. It didn’t happen. Not as cold as it was both out there and outside, though.

Instead, I did some tax work, some writing, and some gaming. Pretty good day!

Words written today: 1,040
Words written this month: 10,128
Words written 2017: 66,756
Average words/day 2017: 954
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read: 0
Books read 2017: 4
Exercise reps: 0

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  1. Lovely WC again! And congrats on tackling the tax work. That happens to be one of my most feared tasks. I’ll have to work on changing that.

  2. Surely it’s too cold for fishing so the tackle boxes will be just fine. Had to be said ;).

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