Halfway there

In this case, both halfway through the week and halfway through the novella. I’m loving that the novella is going well, but it is distracting me a touch from getting the novel done.

My mom was commenting that when she’s seen my blog recently (only intermittent Internet access), all she sees are how many words I’ve written. For readers who may feel the same as she does, here is other stuff on my plate that I’ve been dealing with, none of which sounds terribly interesting to anyone else, I’m sure:

  • Last week, I finished indexing a multi-author work on sermons preached in London from the time of Henry VIII up to James I (and VI)
  • Today, I finished my part of indexing a magazine run
  • I’ve recently started copyediting an academic press book on microbiomes
  • I should either do some engineering journal copyediting or tell them I’m not available for a bit longer
  • I’ve sent off the draft of the membership survey for SFWA
  • I need to compile some work on the OPPM for SFWA, as well as do some edits for clarity and present those to the Board for approval
  • Various other SFWA-related tasks, like fiscal responsibility, reading lists, and prepping for the Nebula Conference next week
  • Plus all the household errands that need to be run during the week
  • And there was bowling with friends last Tuesday and chaperoning my daughter’s class all day last Friday as well

Oh, and there was the novel released last week, too.

I also briefly tried to get back into exercising outdoors, attempting the Couch-to-5k routine again. Not the best idea when pollen levels are marked as Very High, as my lungs have now decided they don’t want to function at all, and I’ve been reduced to driving our daughter to the bus stop because I’m not convinced I can walk the block and a half there, let alone there and back again.

Which is also related to why my list does not include things like mulching saplings, dividing hostas, trimming bushes, or any other such outdoor maintenance activities. Well, that and time. Housework (beyond basic needs and hygiene) and yardwork are at the bottom of my priority list.

So, for those who are wanting a bit more on what I’ve been up to besides trying to ramp up my writing output, that’s an overview.

Words written today: 2,066
Words written this month: 13,143
Words written 2017: 110,075
Average words/day 2017: 847
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read today: 3 chapters with daughter, plus most of a short novel I read during her Brownie meeting
Books read 2017: 8

Oh, and I posted this graphic to Twitter today for Book Quote Wednesday (#bookqw), started by Mindy Klasky:
“Iárn says you're bad luck,” said the troll I'd tagged Russet. “You never come down unless there are problems in the foundation.” “That's not true. The kids and I went to a few Red Sox games this summer.” The other one snorted. “But you do not look for us then.”

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  1. *gasp* I KNOW THAT TROLL. Or, at least, I’ve met one of his friends. *happydance*

    Lovely word count!

    #mobofimpatience #butnotmobofrushing #takeyourtime #dontmindus #taptaptaptaptap

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