Growing things

My blueberry bushes are establishing themselves nicely in their pots, and the straw bales do seem effective for growing things. (One source actually says that mushrooms in the bales are a good sign, as it demonstrates the straw is breaking down appropriately.) The corn is about as tall as that sprouting in nearby fields, so I seem to be on track with that. (I’ll post pics tomorrow — the iPad app that I use for posting won’t let me resize photos.)

On the other hand, two rounds of tomato seedlings died on me, so today I bought starter plants (two Roma, a Black Krim, and a cherry) and stuck them into the one bale. We’re having fairly steady rain this evening, so that should help them settle in nicely!

So today, I’m grateful that this year’s garden experiment seems to be going well. What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I just bought tomatoes and pepper plants. They’re well watered but not in the ground. Tomorrow is hiking day but also rain is predicted. In JUNE! Unheard of. But that’s all good for my plants. I’m hanging on. Wish me luck.

  2. Hay bales are awesome for growing stuff in. 🙂

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