Good news, bad news (health)

I had a checkup this morning — a follow-up from my bronchitis last month. The doctor wanted to make certain my asthma was under control under normal circumstances. She was concerned because I’d had two bouts of bronchitis so close together (one in October, one in January), especially as I couldn’t remember being around someone sick that would’ve triggered my own illness. (Well, until a few hours after I got home and remembered that my daughter had been down with the flu — which I told the doctor this morning. She agreed that could easily have triggered it and said she hoped my daughter’s okay now.)

So I did the spirometry.

In case you’ve never done this, they hand you this machine with an attached tube for you to blow into. You take as deep a breath as you can, then blow out as hard and long as you can. Three times, because they need to look at the average. It always leaves me a little light-headed (Yes, I’ve done this test there before to check how I was recovering from previous bouts of bronchitis), and I don’t recommend doing it for fun.

Results came back: I’m normal. Okay, at least my breathing is. Asthma is fine and controlled when I’m not otherwise sick. (And the doctor and I had a chat about exercise and keeping my rescue inhaler with me just in case, too.)


My systolic pressure was high. Both systolic and diastolic were high when first tested. After a few minutes of rest, the diastolic dropped, but the systolic did not.

It’s possible that was stress (I drove in the snow. And there were semis on the road. Yes, I get stressed by this.), or the fact that I shorted myself on sleep this past weekend to meet a deadline. But it’s also possible this is an issue of concern.

So I have an appointment to go back in a month for a blood pressure check.

If it’s still high then, we’ll talk blood tests and EKG and medications and whatever else. Meanwhile, I’m drinking more liquid, cutting back on sodium (switching to unsalted butter and cutting out processed foods mostly), and planning to walk more (when it’s not snowy and the roads aren’t icy). I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, I’m grateful that I can breathe and that there’s no need to change my medication right now.

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  1. Did they put you in the pod chamber to do that breathing test. It’s quite eerie, like scuba diving without water :).

    Hugs on the blood pressure, but at least you have viable reasons for it. Check if your grocery store has a machine and check it there as well so you have some numbers to compare. Of course, if it’s always high, maybe you just hate shopping ;).

  2. Hopefully the blood pressure thing was just circumstance. *hugs*

  3. Breathing is good. 🙂 It could be just a (snow) storm in a teacup, but best to be sure.

  4. Good news about the bronchitis and asthma, and I hope Dawn’s right and the blood pressure is circumstance. Here’s a gentle hug.

  5. *hugs* on the high blood pressure; I hope it was purely circumstantial. Yay for good news on the asthma/bronchitis front.

    • Thanks, Ashe!

      Last month when I went in, it was a little high, but so was my pulse. Higher this time, so I’m hoping it’s mostly circumstantial (and eating too many processed foods high in salt).

  6. Hope you are feeling back to normal now, and that your blood pressure was just a reaction to stress. That can certainly cause high blood pressure. Glad you are over the bronchitis. May the new monkey year bring you much good health!

    • Thank you!

      The biggest problem with high blood pressure is that it rarely produces any noticeable symptoms, so I won’t know until I go back for my checkup, but I’m trying to be healthier anyway. 😀

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