Friday flash: Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Competition got stiffer as Andi advanced through the elimination rounds. The berries flambé in the previous round had been particularly vicious, but Andi was a better cook. Her creations were unexpected, vibrant.

Looking around the room at the other cooking stations, she caught glimpses of sharks making fin soup, lobsters boiling (she didn’t want to know what), and ghosts making ectoplasm cheese.

She finished dicing peppers and dropped them into her bowl. Done! This salsa wouldn’t just bite back; it would bite first.

Andi set the salsa loose. The other contestants on the Monster Food Circuit didn’t stand a chance.

100 words

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  1. LOL. Now that’s some salsa 😀

  2. LOL! Fantastic twist at the end. Drabbles are hard to do and you made this one look easy.

  3. Ectoplasm cheese – for the health conscious ethereal being!

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