For those keeping track

One month in, I’m down two pounds total. This is less than the pound per week I was aiming at, but given the holiday dessert eating I’ve been doing (more than I should) and the amount of exercise I’ve been getting (much less than I should), its pretty impressive. This next month, I’m going to start fitting in a ten- to fifteen-minute walk after my first hour of writing and before I dive into e-mail and forums and the like. It’s not a big change, but the goal here is consistency, and small steps that add up to big changes over time.

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  1. Two pounds may not seem like much, but if you sustain it for 12 months, you’ll be down an awesome 24 pounds, which is a big deal. And small changes have the best chance of success. Don’t forget, health and fitness is more than a scale reading. The extra movement will benefit your heart, circulatory system, muscles, and joints. Additionally, it will contribute to your overall sense of accomplishment and mental well-being. Lots of pluses.

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