Fall . . .

fall leaves
It’s been windy and cool the past few days. Makes a nice break from that almost-80 it was trying last week! I just wish the weather would settle down.

Little things are pleasing me today: the girl’s first soccer win yesterday, getting my e-mail cleaned out, looking forward to some D&D after a few months of primarily board games.

Oh, for reference, I took screenshots of my actual avatar for Habitica and the pet page with the name showing. Fine, you can still think it looks like a cat. But it’s a fox.

ghost fox

So what are you grateful for today?

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  1. Beautiful colors on the leaves. Glad your weather is starting to balance.

    • Thanks. That’s the maple in our yard; it reflects the colors into the girl’s room (which I loved when it was my office, pre-girl).

      I’m not positive the weather isn’t still going to yo-yo a time or two. 😛

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