Dream, dream, dream

You know that thing where when you see something three times, you actually pay attention? Yeah, today for the third time, someone commented on moving from Livejournal to Dreamwidth — and specifically asked if I was going to mirror my blog there so they could still follow it. So, done and done — I’m now eimarra on Dreamwidth, and my blog should (if I set it up right) mirror there rather than LJ. I’ll likely be deleting the LJ soon.

I was supposed to be working on editing today, and instead spent a bunch of time on various social channels. But I did write, and I have my stats sorted, I think.

Words written today: 1,016
Words written this month: 5,656
Words written 2017: 86,456
Books completed 2017: 1
Pages read today: 3 chapters with daughter, which I’ve been forgetting to track
Books read 2017: 6

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  1. Yay, words! Good words!

    I have never heard of Dreamwidth, though, so now I must tromp over and see what that’s all about.

    • Thank you, thank you!

      Dreamwidth is basically a blogging platform/community. The one thing about it and LJ is it creates a feed of your friends’ blogs, so you can read them all in one place. (Of course, if you looked at it, you know all this already.) Dreamwidth, unlike Livejournal, is a U.S. company, subject to U.S. laws on free speech, which is part of the reason behind the recent flood of switching — Russian law isn’t as big on freedom of expression, especially if there is even a hint of LGBTQIA content.

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