D is for daffodil

Daffodils are my favorite flower. The second poem I ever wrote was about daffodils (the first was called “Clouds, hurl your spears,” and doesn’t bear thinking about), and although it’s not something I’m going to share here, I still remember every word of it.

single daffodil

Cheery, isn't it?

I loved the flowers we had at our wedding, but I did have some moments of sadness because it was too late in the year to include daffodils.

Now my mantra when gardening is “You can never have too many daffodils,” and I plant beds full of hundreds of bulbs. I love this time of year, as they start to bloom in waves across the yard.

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  1. Aren’t they so beautiful? Love your blog!

  2. I love daffodils too! They are such a happy addition to spring and they always make me smile!

  3. Hi Erin! I’m a tulip girl myself, but daffodils are kind of the heralds of spring here in Ohio. I have three that came up this year. 🙁 What can I say? I have a black thumb!

    Thanks for stopping by the Cheetah! A to Z Challenger!


    • Do you have a preference for color or style among tulips? I like the look of parrot tulips, but tend to go with more of the average style.

      Sorry to hear about the black thumb — maybe it’s the soil? Bulbs are generally pretty easy.

  4. Beautiful flowers, a symbol of Wales where I live 😀

  5. They’re so bright and sunny. I planted about two dozen in one section of the yard last fall, and they’re in full bloom now.

  6. My garden in Toronto was full of tulips and several types of daffy-gone-dillys (I seem to remember them being called that in some children story – what one, who knows!).

    My favorite spring flower, however, is the iris. Seeing them take me back to my childhood house and being able to play in the finally dry backyard. In fact, I saw some in a friend’s garden on Sunday and the nearly-edible deep purple flowers slammed me with a homesickness that I wanted to get on a plane right then and go visit. It was a good thing. 😉 (as odd as that sounds)

    • I think it’s daffy-down-dilly, isn’t it? (Goes off to Google . . . a-ha! nursery rhyme Also, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote a story called “Little Daffydowndilly.”)

      I only have a few irises planted. Growing up, we only had the tall bearded irises, and in Reno, they were actually a summer flower. I need to get some of those for the eastern bed of my house, to fill in when the daffodils die back.

      The homesickness being good makes perfect sense.

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