Crazy week

Last week, the ongoing copyediting gig was slow (no articles at all that I could grab), the indexing gig had no news, and the proofreading gig would arrive at the earliest on Friday. I got some writing in, but perhaps not as much as I could have.

This week? Copyediting article grist thing this morning, plus proofreading gig landed before noon. Still no word on the indexing, but that’s really just as well, what with the holiday making it a short week and having to take time out to go to the library tomorrow and all.

This, by the by, is perfectly normal for the freelancing life — feast or famine, not steady sane levels. The up-and-down nature also tends to affect my writing, so I’ve been working more on short fiction lately, rather than Corn Maze. I do anticipate it being out by the end of the summer, however. (*knock on wood*)

Oh — and I decided to redo my hair the other day. Used Ion’s teal, which strikes me as very peacock colored. I’ll be adding some yellow to this to get more middle-of-the-road green, but meanwhile, this is the current shade.


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  1. I love that shade of blue!

  2. I know it’s not what you wanted, but it is a lovely color.

  3. Anne of Green Gables! πŸ˜€

    “I little know how you got into this fix, but I mean to find out,” said Marilla. “Come right down to the kitchen–it’s too cold up here–and tell me just what you’ve done. I’ve been expecting something queer for some time. You haven’t got into any scrape for over two months, and I was sure another one was due. Now, then, what did you do to your hair?”

    It’s striking! πŸ™‚

  4. It is a lovely…and peacock…color. Yes, the inconsistency is the hardest part of freelancing.

    • Just realized the color in the picture rather matches the background here on my blog. πŸ™‚

  5. Cool color! Good luck on the gigs.

  6. Ashe Elton Parker

    Nice color, Erin! I hope adding the yellow works like you think it will. I hope you have steady work the rest of the summer.

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