Cover reveal for Bodyguard of Lies

Bodyguard of Lies cover
Isn’t that pretty?

Bodyguard is going to have two sequels, Treachery of Doubt and Shadows of Truth, in which we follow the further adventures of Sabra, Gareth, Cinn, and various friends and foes (some old and some new).

Oh, and I’m working on getting Bodyguard up for sale with all the usual suspects: Amazon Barnes & NobleKobo.

What are you grateful for this Monday?

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  1. I do like it, especially the font. Good proportions. Lovely!! <3

  2. I agree, the font is perfect. Maybe could use a bit more contrast with the buildings? It’s hard to see what’s going on, but other than that … it’s pretty alright! 😀

  3. Neat reflection and starscape effect on the cover. Congrats on getting it out :).

  4. Lovely cover. I think it’s fantastic! I hope the book sells well.

    • Thank you, Ashe! I’m really hoping this motivates me to get Treachery finished, because getting that up for sale too will provide a bump in visibility.

  5. The cover looks great! Fantastic work, Erin.

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