Counting up . . . (15 things)

1 Really Cool Thing

I’m on the Andre Norton Award Jury this year! Official announcement

(Hey, look, I didn’t bury the lede!)

5 Things to Put You in a Better Mood

Happiness, confidence, optimism, meaning in life, and success — Eric Barker talks about notes to write yourself to give yourself a boost

9 Things

This actually falls into the series of productivity tools I’ve been talking about. It’s a simple take on the to-do list that I picked up from Jamie Todd Rubin, and he got the idea from the 27 GoodThings blog. Being a paperless ambassador, he advocates Evernote and Penultimate, but you can do the same thing with any notepad. And rather than duplicate his explanation, I’ll just link to his original post. I find this a very useful tool to keep myself (mostly) from trying to do too much on a given day. Getting “9 Things” Done

What interesting things have you found recently?

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  1. Kathleen Hammond

    Congratulations on becoming a member of the Andre Norton Award Jury. You’ll do a great job.

    I liked the Eric Barker post. Good points.

    It sounds like a good idea for those who like the paperless listing. I’m into paper, pen, ink or pencil myself. Each to his own.

    • Thank you! Since the job is mostly “read a lot and say what I like,” I should be okay.

      I know you prefer pen and paper — that’s why I said it could be done with any notepad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congrats on the Andre Norton Award Jury. Awesome!

  3. Congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜€

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