L is for luminaria

Every December, Bethlehem has a luminaria night. It’s coordinated by New Bethany Ministries, who sell the sand, votive candles, and paper bags as kits to residents. On the appointed night, people put the bags, weighted down with sand, out on the curb, place candles inside, and light them. We’ve had years where the bags were on top of snow banks and other years when the city hadn’t done leaf collection yet (and I was terrified over what would happen if they caught fire). Sometimes, though, we get a beautiful night, not too cold, and then it’s lovely to walk around the neighborhood and see all the lights.

These pics aren’t from all around the neighborhood, but they’ll give you some idea.
Luminaria lights in the neighborhood
more lights in the neighborhood

E is for . . .

Editing. (As in copyediting and proofreading, which I should be working on right now, instead of writing a post.)

English Breakfast tea. (Current beverage, decaf variety.)

Enough. (Although if we’re looking at the list of things I’m working on, I passed “enough” about ten items back. Or maybe fifteen.)

Evil muse. (She finally gave me the last line to go with a first line from a couple years ago, so now I have another story on my to-do list.)

Energy. (The running is really helping with that. I’m getting done with the runs and feeling positively exhilarated. Not necessarily wanting to sit down and set to work, but that’s a different issue, now isn’t it?)

Elephants. (At one point in elementary school, we had to create fictional restaurants for ourselves. Mine was “Erin’s Elephants,” and the restaurant was housed in a building shaped like an elephant, where the legs were elevators to get people and supplies up to the actual restaurant. Steaks were expensive, ice cream was cheap, and salads weren’t on the menu.)

Eggplants. (Which if you peel and cube it, then boil and mash it, makes an excellent thickener for all sorts of tomato-based sauces.)

Excuses. (None allowed.)

Empty. (As in my brain, when trying to pick a single topic for this post.)