Eclipsed work

(Which is probably at least the three hundredth eclipse pun headline you’ve seen today, I know.)

I have to confess that I haven’t been writing much. The last week was focused on getting Siren Circle up for sale. Today, while waiting in line for eclipse viewing glasses, I started outlining another novella — this one to be a prequel novella, before Ghost Garages, and thus hopefully a good hook for people to start the series. I will get back to work on the third Boston Technowitch book, though.

So pictures today:
eclipse without filter

eclipse through filters

And done again (mostly)

Still have to do a couple tweaks on the last chapter, plus argue with Word on some formatting issues. (Sometimes unchecking “Same as previous” for header works; sometimes it doesn’t.) Yes, it really is like this, one thing and then one more thing, when you already think you’re done.

In more fun news, I’m getting ready to dive into the results from SFWA’s membership survey! Can’t wait to see what everyone had to say.

And then more words on book 3 …

What are you up to?


In our yard. Which is not fantastic, but not exactly surprising, either. And gives an indication of just how much rain we’ve been getting.

Anyway, not a lot on the new word front today, and what there was, I didn’t count, as I was working through edits on Siren Circle and hence, both adding and deleting as I went. I may add some words later on book 3, Troll Tunnels.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures.large mushroom

smaller mushroom

mushroom gills

Today was a perfect ten

(On the calendar, at least.)

In actual fact, it wasn’t a bad day. I got some normal adulting tasks done, knocked a couple freelance tasks off my to-do list, poked at the writing (yeah, not a lot there — only 59 words), and cooked dinner. But I’m going to try to get to bed before 11 and hope sleep will make tomorrow more productive.

Words written today: 59
Words written this month: 7,563
Words written 2017: 154,072
Average words/day 2017: 694
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 5
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 18

The month’s good start is rapidly falling away. Have to see if I can get back on track next week.

skillet dinner

Tonight’s dinner

Just one more thing

… and one more, and one more, and …

Is it just me? I keep taking on little things at random intervals, and that works great for a week or two, but then these other little things land, and suddenly I’m needing more sleep so I’m clear-headed enough for everything, but I’m not sure how to get more in my schedule. Yeah, maybe that’s just me. And it’s a recent thing, too — used to be I’d skip sleep to try to get everything done,forgetting about diminishing returns.

Anyway, only 152 words today, but also some thoughts for further down the series, so that’s good.

Random things from today:

Saw the new building that my husband’s department got moved to.

Made a simple strawberry ice cream with the girl. (Whip 2 cups heavy cream with 1 can sweetened condensed milk. Fold in 2 cups mashed strawberries and some pink food coloring. Stick it in the freezer.)

Made the okonomiyaki again. Pickled ginger is a good addition. As is bacon.

Insert witticism here

Another slow day. Got some progress on projects for SFWA this morning, including forward momentum on the Operations, Policies, and Procedures Manual (OPPM). Told the members at the business meeting during the Nebula Conference that we’d have the OPPM out to them by Labor Day, and I’m moving forward on it. (Note: this is a living document, which is to say it will always be a document in progress, as procedures are updated, added, or deleted, so at best, it will be the current version, subject to revision, with new versions issued periodically. I still would like it as complete as possible before issuing this version to the membership.)

Also took the kids to the comics and game store, the library, and the ice cream shop. Also went over them expectations for their summer homework. (Reading for the boy, practicing multiplication facts for the girl.)

And I wrote.

Words written today: 336
Words written this month: 7,352
Words written 2017: 153,861
Average words/day 2017: 699
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 2 more chapters of Castle Hangnail
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 20

Fallen below 1k/day for this month, so I’m going to have to work on that. But other stuff on tomorrow’s agenda, including some more freelance work, as well as final edits on Siren Circle.

Must be Monday

Mostly because I was supposed to get back to work — may have taken the weekend off, but it’s a work day now — and I didn’t really want to. Started to work through feedback on Siren Circle, though, and if all goes well, I should be formatting it tomorrow to get up for sale. But editing is a lot of “Hmmm, change this clause here, move these two paragraphs to a different chapter, and add a couple lines of explanation here.” So, not a lot of new words today. More than yesterday, though, when I literally did NO WORDS AT ALL.

Words written today: 2,450
Words written this month: 7,016
Words written 2017: 153,525
Average words/day 2017: 701
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 4 chapters of Castle Hangnail with daughter
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 21

(And yes, I just looked at Excel, saw my count was at 6,998 for the month and opened Scrivener back up just to cross the 7k mark for the month and stay above 1k/day for the month.)

By the way, if you want to see some gorgeous artwork, head to Twitter and check out the #visiblewomen hashtag.

A few words, anyway 

Tonight was gaming night. (They stopped right before facing Strahd! They wanted to prepare spells and be well rested. What’s a DM to do? *ponders adding traps to encounter* [probably not]) So, as I’m the current DM, I spent a good chunk of the day prepping maps — and of course, the players went different directions than expected, so I had to draw a couple on the fly.

Fabulous time with our friends (and wonderful food, too!), which in turn means only 47 words for the day. With which I’m happy, so all is well with the world.

Words continue

Not as many today as yesterday, but still a respectable amount. Quite pleased to have crossed the 10,000-word mark on the new novel. (No, edits on Siren Circle are not complete yet. Soon!) Might spend some of my time this weekend making sure this beginning is solid — everyone introduced or re-introduced clearly, sufficient description, nothing contradicting earlier books. The cleaner this is now, the easier it makes the rest of it.

Words written today: 1,562
Words written this month: 6,784
Words written 2017: 153,293
Average words/day 2017: 710
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 1 chapter
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 24

I hope the start of August has been good to you!

Also, tonight’s dinner:
chicken dinner

Epic timing

Tonight, because of the thunderstorm (it is a dark and stormy night) our daughter wanted scary stories for bedtime. I told her I had a very short one. “You have to go back to school in 25 days!”

“Really, Mom?”

“Yes, really. You have less than a month of summer left. Mwah-hah-hah-hah!”

At which point, lightning crashed and thunder boomed, punctuating my evil laugh. Definitely the best way to end a scary story.

Words written today: 2,543
Words written this month: 5,222
Words written 2017: 151,731
Average words/day 2017: 706
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 5
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 25

Yes! I got past that 150,000 mark! So happy for this! Also, daughter and I made cupcakes today. It was a good day.