Banded Jade

“Banded Jade” is a story I sold last year, to Aoife’s Kiss. It appeared in the March issue of this year. I forgot to blog and mention when the issue became available for purchase, although I did update my ‘Short stories and flash fiction’ page. Why mention it today?

I got my contributor’s copy in the mail today. For some reason, the print copies carry more weight with my family than seeing my name on a Website, so my son was excited and my husband agreed that it was cool.

If you’re interested, you might check it out.

A is for April, alphabet, and awesome

Happy April, everyone! Although I’ve enjoyed some of the lovely pranks I’ve seen around the Net, there are none here.

I made the last-minute decision to join the A to Z Challenge for blogging this month. I started this blog posting 3-4 times a week. Now, I’m down to 2-3 times, and some weeks, I don’t even manage that. So this is an effort to get myself used to posting more regularly.

And my big news — I sold my story “Matchmaker” to Clarkesworld Magazine, and it’s up now as part of their April issue. This is my first sale to a SFWA-qualifying market, and it makes me eligible to join SFWA as an Associate member. (I need 3 short-story sales or 1 novel sale to qualify as an Active member. This fall, when Daily Science Fiction will most likely get SFWA-qualifying status, I’ll be up to 2 stories. With any luck — and lots of persistence — I might get the third one before then.) However, I’m waiting until July to join because that’s when their fiscal year flips, and I’d really rather pay dues only once this year.

What’s new with you this month?