Inktober 31 — improbable friends

Last day of Inktober. I hope you all have enjoyed it.

Today, I actually used the Inktober prompt, friends. And this post does double duty as my weekly gratitude post. I’m grateful to Mr. Jake Parker for creating Inktober, to all the many artists I’ve seen participating over the years, and to all the people who’ve encouraged me and commented this month. Thank you all!

Inktober 28 — Gates of Barovia

I was spending the evening prepping to start the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with our gaming group tomorrow. This bit of description comes early, and I thought I’d sketch it to share with the group. (I had to draw something, and I certainly wasn’t going to share the encounter maps I set up!)

Inktober 24 — wings and things

Working on anatomy, considering specializations. Of course, if a dragon has a beast’s hindfeet, one might argue that it should have a beast’s forefeet as well, making a bat the best model. Ditto bird talons and bird wings. On the other hand, the dragon head drew on multiple influences, so having the wings do so as well seems reasonable to me.