Raisin tart?

Today’s Inktober prompt was “poison,” so I did some tree frogs (poison dart frogs?) from the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. No color this year, unlike my pretty blue one from last year.

(Post title comes from a line in The Happiest Millionaire.)

Frog sketch
Words today: 264

Also today, I set up a Facebook author page. Not a lot there yet, but it’ll build over time. Feel free to like it.

Broken bone

Not my broken bone, but a dinosaur’s — apatosaurus, I think. This broken femur fossil is on display at the geology museum of the Colorado School of Mines. This was one of our stops this summer on vacation. To the extent I can, I plan to combine the daily Inktober prompts with vacation photos to plan my sketches this month. Today’s prompt was “divided.”

sketch of broken dinosaur fossil
Reference photo:
broken dinosaur femur, fossilized
Got words in, too!

Today’s words: 1,573
Words 2017: 166,296
Average words/day: 605

With the bug this weekend, my daily word count suffered, but I’m still making progress.

Inktober begins

My feelings about today are complicated. Dad would’ve been 89 today. And I’ve been under the weather all weekend, so my energy was low — as in, I made it to the grocery store this morning, then napped all afternoon (and husband took our daughter to her soccer without me). So no writing all weekend, either.

On the other hand, I really loved doing Inktober last year, and I’ve been looking forward to it this year. I even downloaded the suggested prompts. So here are the prompts and today’s sketch.

inktober 2017 prompts
sketch of napping on couch

The heat is gone

At least we’re getting a temporary break in the weather, although it’s supposed to be back above 80 by this time next week.

The past couple days have been more productive, with a few things done off my list, including getting the newsletter out. And words! Over 1,600 yesterday, and even more today.

Words today: 2,317
Words this month: 9,412
Words 2017: 164,723
Average words/day 2017: 608

I don’t know if I can get my daily average back over 1,000 words/day before the end of the year, but I’m certainly going to try. (For those who are curious but don’t want to do the math, this requires an average of 2,130 words each day for the rest of the year.) At any rate, it’s words, I’m making progress, and I’m happy.

Almost equal 

Autumnal equinox is tomorrow. I’ve always loved fall, crunching leaves under foot, sipping cider… not so much the growing dark, but we can’t have everything.

Wrote 262 words today, in addition to freelance works and having the kids home from school. Not much, but it’s progress.

Sedum flowers

Distracted faction

I started tracking! Or, well, I started to start. Except I forgot some categories I wanted to use (like “social” and “personal”), and I stopped tracking after I actually started getting anything done. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

So what did I spend the rest of my day on? Discussing Oreos on Twitter, working on different ways of looking at the data from the SFWA survey (like which member categories have more females than males), and going to the open house at our son’s school.

After that, got home, talked with our daughter about her homework, got her to bed, and wrote 252 words. Still not where I want to be, but better than the last few days.

Slowing down again

Last week went even better than I’d thought, with several days over 1,000 words. This week is being more of a struggle — not sleeping as well, trouble focusing, barely eking out a hundred words or so each day (119 today, for those keeping score). As I said in my newsletter — which went out today, a couple days late — I’m considering tracking my time to see how much I’m spending in the different areas of my life. If you’ve got experience or anecdotes about your own time tracking methods, drop them in the comments. I’m interested!

Meanwhile, I’ll be working on enjoying fall and watching the changing seasons around me. Here, one of our holly bushes is covered with berries, but they haven’t begun to redden yet.

And here we have the sedum, the flowers just starting to open.