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Another slow day. Got some progress on projects for SFWA this morning, including forward momentum on the Operations, Policies, and Procedures Manual (OPPM). Told the members at the business meeting during the Nebula Conference that we’d have the OPPM out to them by Labor Day, and I’m moving forward on it. (Note: this is a living document, which is to say it will always be a document in progress, as procedures are updated, added, or deleted, so at best, it will be the current version, subject to revision, with new versions issued periodically. I still would like it as complete as possible before issuing this version to the membership.)

Also took the kids to the comics and game store, the library, and the ice cream shop. Also went over them expectations for their summer homework. (Reading for the boy, practicing multiplication facts for the girl.)

And I wrote.

Words written today: 336
Words written this month: 7,352
Words written 2017: 153,861
Average words/day 2017: 699
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 2 more chapters of Castle Hangnail
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 20

Fallen below 1k/day for this month, so I’m going to have to work on that. But other stuff on tomorrow’s agenda, including some more freelance work, as well as final edits on Siren Circle.

Must be Monday

Mostly because I was supposed to get back to work — may have taken the weekend off, but it’s a work day now — and I didn’t really want to. Started to work through feedback on Siren Circle, though, and if all goes well, I should be formatting it tomorrow to get up for sale. But editing is a lot of “Hmmm, change this clause here, move these two paragraphs to a different chapter, and add a couple lines of explanation here.” So, not a lot of new words today. More than yesterday, though, when I literally did NO WORDS AT ALL.

Words written today: 2,450
Words written this month: 7,016
Words written 2017: 153,525
Average words/day 2017: 701
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 4 chapters of Castle Hangnail with daughter
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 21

(And yes, I just looked at Excel, saw my count was at 6,998 for the month and opened Scrivener back up just to cross the 7k mark for the month and stay above 1k/day for the month.)

By the way, if you want to see some gorgeous artwork, head to Twitter and check out the #visiblewomen hashtag.

A few words, anyway 

Tonight was gaming night. (They stopped right before facing Strahd! They wanted to prepare spells and be well rested. What’s a DM to do? *ponders adding traps to encounter* [probably not]) So, as I’m the current DM, I spent a good chunk of the day prepping maps — and of course, the players went different directions than expected, so I had to draw a couple on the fly.

Fabulous time with our friends (and wonderful food, too!), which in turn means only 47 words for the day. With which I’m happy, so all is well with the world.

Words continue

Not as many today as yesterday, but still a respectable amount. Quite pleased to have crossed the 10,000-word mark on the new novel. (No, edits on Siren Circle are not complete yet. Soon!) Might spend some of my time this weekend making sure this beginning is solid — everyone introduced or re-introduced clearly, sufficient description, nothing contradicting earlier books. The cleaner this is now, the easier it makes the rest of it.

Words written today: 1,562
Words written this month: 6,784
Words written 2017: 153,293
Average words/day 2017: 710
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 1 chapter
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 24

I hope the start of August has been good to you!

Also, tonight’s dinner:
chicken dinner

Epic timing

Tonight, because of the thunderstorm (it is a dark and stormy night) our daughter wanted scary stories for bedtime. I told her I had a very short one. “You have to go back to school in 25 days!”

“Really, Mom?”

“Yes, really. You have less than a month of summer left. Mwah-hah-hah-hah!”

At which point, lightning crashed and thunder boomed, punctuating my evil laugh. Definitely the best way to end a scary story.

Words written today: 2,543
Words written this month: 5,222
Words written 2017: 151,731
Average words/day 2017: 706
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 5
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 25

Yes! I got past that 150,000 mark! So happy for this! Also, daughter and I made cupcakes today. It was a good day.

And the thunder rolls

I was vastly amused this afternoon (possibly too much so) when my husband via chat and my son in the next room asked within minutes of each other what’s up with all these afternoon thunderstorms. (I told them it’s heat + humidity.)

Tried a new recipe tonight for dinner — high on veggie content: okonomiyaki. Son thought they were okay; daughter had a few bites and gave up. I liked them. Already warned everyone I will be making them again.

Tried submitting a story for a reprint anthology today. Got the acknowledgement e-mail and everything, but when I click the link to check the status (because I do that, yes), I get a note that it’s an invalid login. Okay, maybe I won’t try submitting short stories this year after all. The plan has always been to focus on long work, after all.

Oh, and I realized I’ve been making errors on the stat block, marking my reading as 0. I’ve been reading The Hobbit with our daughter as a bedtime story, and the past couple of days, we did that graphic novel as well, and I didn’t take credit for any of that.

Words written today: 513
Words written this month: 2,679
Words written 2017: 149,188
Average words/day 2017: 697
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 2 chapters
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 26

Not as good as yesterday, but since I had trouble sleeping last night, I’m okay with that. Still making forward progress, plus freelancing, plus family time. And tomorrow, I will cross that 150,000 line.

Happy August!

Had some thoughts about another writing project this morning — one I’ve toyed around with in the past but not actually done much with. Might make a good one to pursue when I’m quite certain I won’t write any more Boston Technowitch books. In other words, it’s going to be a while.

Words written today: 2,166
Words written this month: 2,166
Words written 2017: 148,675
Average words/day 2017: 698
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 0
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 27

Decent start to the month!

Bye-bye, July!

Not the best Monday in memory. It had some good points, and I really enjoyed spending time with my kids today — but I also literally screamed in frustration at the computer today. (And also told our son I might throw Word at them in D&D as a boss monster to defeat.)

Eventually, I managed 122 words for the day, which put me up to 16,110 for the month. Still a little shy of that 150,000 I wanted, but not by much.

Now, I shall try to sleep, hoping to awake refreshed and ready for a new day and a new month.

Productive weekend

But oh, so tiring! I spent four hours Saturday weeding, and time on Sunday cleaning, laundering, and baking. I also decided the outline for the third Boston Technowitch is complete enough and got a good start on the first chapter.

By the way — four hours of weeding? Bad idea if the usual exercise your fingers get is typing.

Hand with blisters

Blurry image of blistered fingers (not all blisters showing, and they popped later)

Shortcuts really aren’t shorter

You’d think by now that I would know if I’m worried about a section of story when I give it to someone to read, I know I should have spent more time to get it right. Sure enough, one of my first readers ranted about the climax, which I thought was going to be a problem. So I spent a chunk of time today reworking and reworking and reworking the penultimate chapter.

There are other sections I still need to edit, and I still have to hear from my other primary reader, but I do feel better about the scene now. It was one of those things where I knew it didn’t work, but when I first wrote it, I didn’t know how to make it work. I still wasn’t sure today. I had to do things to my character I didn’t want to. It was hard. I hope my readers like it now.

Words written today: 1,574
Words written this month: 15,007
Words written 2017: 145,406
Average words/day 2017: 696
Books completed 2017: 2 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 0
Books read 2017: ?
Days until school starts: 31