Time for time off!

Some really fun things today. Our daughter decided she wanted purple streaks in her hair, so I helped her do that — bleaching, rinsing, dyeing, washing and conditioning … we’ll see how it looks in the sun tomorrow. Didn’t get to it until late.

Also maybe not fun but related to fun, I sent my twinkling stars skirt back to ThinkGeek for exchange because one of the light strings doesn’t work. I love the skirt, so I’m really looking forward to having one that works completely.

And I wrote 675 words tonight.

Coming up: time visiting family. Still will be posting word counts.

colored wolf

Picture my daughter colored on an app. She likes lots of bright colors. I love her creative use of the colors.

Time, consumed

A good chunk of my time today was spent hanging out to get my car serviced. I went in for an oil change and to get new brake pads. Decided to go ahead and get the state inspection while I was at it. (I did not know I could do that two months early!)

Unfortunately, they found more wrong, so I hung out. At least I had good reading material on my iPad, an unpublished novella that I fully expect to see on awards ballots in the future.

With one thing and another, I didn’t sit down to get words until well after 9, and I only wound up with 271 today. Still, it counts. Onward!

School’s out

Such a busy day. End of school always is, as I take the kids for ice cream and to the comics and gaming store, as well as to the library. Lots of spending time with the kids, recommending things they might enjoy, and realizing just how much they’ve grown over the last year.

Late writing tonight. 547 words though, which is a step in the right direction.

Tired brain is slow brain

So … finished the copyedit in the wee hours. Author has confirmed that she can open the files with no problem, and we’ve reconfirmed the timeline.

Other than that, I’ve poked at e-mail and browser tabs, picked up my son after his last final, and cooked dinner. It didn’t even occur to me until late this evening that I could have caught up on American Gods today. *sigh*

Did manage 214 words.

Tomorrow will be hectic, but I might be more alert, so that’ll be fine.

Not a good shot

score cards from laser tag

In addition to lots of copyediting, I played laser tag today. Our friends had a birthday party for their son, and they wanted it to be for families. Rather amusing — our son, our daughter, and I wound up on the blue team, and my husband was on the red. Our daughter was quite indignant about the fact that her dad shot her.

On the blue team, our son was the high scorer two out of the three games. On the red team, my husband was. Me? Well, I scored better than our daughter and her best friend.

But it was a lot of fun. We all enjoyed it, which was the point.

Oh, and I managed to squeeze out 481 words at some point here. We’ll say they were Sunday words.

Now to go grab a few hours sleep before getting kids off to school and starting the last round on this manuscript!

I’ve got this

Well, maybe. Mostly, what I’ve got is deadlines that I’m determined to meet.

Also 542 words today.

Debating between copyediting another chapter and getting some sleep to have fresh eyes and brain in the morning. Truthfully, pretty sure I’m going to have to give up sleep either tonight or tomorrow to get this done. But (as I said) I am determined.

decorated pumpkin on a post

One of the neighbors always has pumpkins out that they decorate seasonally. Or just leave out all winter for the squirrels. This one’s ready for summer.

Strike that, reverse it

Beautiful weather the past couple days — mid to high 70s, with enough wind to keep it bearable. I even went for a walk yesterday.

Today was mostly focused on freelance work, and I’ll be doing that through the weekend to finish up for my deadline.

Did get 128 words and started poking at the plot for book 3.

This red Japanese maple is down at the end of the block, on my way to the girl’s bus stop.

Happy June!

Can you believe five months of the year are gone already? They are just flying by!

Words written today: 1,008
Words written this month: 1,008
Words written 2017: 127,450
Average words/day 2017: 838
Books completed 2017: 1 (plus 1 novella)
Pages read today: 0
Books read 2017: 11

I have a freelance deadline, so I’m putting the work first. That means the words stay on the low side because I’m doing them at the end of the day when my body’s telling me I should have been asleep two hours ago. However, I wanted to start this month with more words than I’d averaged last month (which involved staying up later). Hooray, a thousand words!

weed in bloom

This picture is a weed that’s growing at my daughter’s bus stop. It’s almost as tall as I am, but after next week, I won’t see it again (at least not up close) for a few months (and hopefully, it’ll get cut down before then).