Another snow day

Lighter snow than the coast itself is getting, but enough for schools to be closed today. It snowed over the weekend, too, and there was a big pile off to one side from my husband shoveling the driveway. The kids dug a little cave in the pile, and I got pictures of them being cute. (To be fair, my son took pictures of his sister, and I took pictures of him.)

Then I got in touch with the family we game with, and the dad brought their kids over to play. So today I’m grateful for friends to play with — for us and for the kids!

(Also? Grateful for heat. And piles of blankets. And hot chocolate after being out in the snow!)

What are you grateful for this Monday?

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  1. ** Sigh** 🙁 … No snow, just rain.

    • I’d trade you, quite happily! (My son, not so much. He really wasn’t happy about having to go back to school today.)

  2. You stole our snow! I had the window open today to let in fresh air because it’s warm enough here.

    Yay for snow caves and hot chocolate. That’s a proper winter :).

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