Adventures in home ownership

Plumbing has been . . . interesting . . . over the past week. Highlights include the drain (now capped, previously open) beneath the built-in cupboard and bookcase
and the mass of roots where the sewer line met the main line in the street where there has been no tree for at least 15 or 20 years.
What’s new with you on this Monday?

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  1. It appears our gas meter has not been working for more than a year, so we’ll have to call the gas company when we get back from SA. They will probably want to replace it with an above ground meter out by the street. We don’t mind above ground, but we want it up by the house where it won’t get driven over by some errant driver or be an ugly eyesore standing in our front yard.

    We got a heavy rain the other day, and there appears to be a tiny roof leak leading into the downstairs bathroom. There was a stain on the ceiling when we moved into the house, but it hadn’t changed until this week, when something looked … different … about it, but not in a way that we could quantify.

    Plumbing is such fun. Not.

  2. You’d think that root ball would’ve disintegrated by now.

    • It had weird placement — it was at the bottom of a vertical pipe, where it emptied into the main line, so it usually got pushed out of the way by liquid flow. It was only when other stuff built up on it that it was a pain.

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