A to M, a retrospective

First half of the alphabet done, and I’ve got a couple of things I’d do differently if I do another such series. Things I might do differently going forward into the second half of the alphabet, for that matter.

Starting with: It’s hard to read 3-4 books a week — plus my other reading (I haven’t given up reading other authors, after all!), and my writing, my work, and my family all take time as well. I’ll be including more short fiction or books I’ve already read going forward. And if I do this again, I’ll probably either do only 1 per week, or do it every other week. It’s a lot to keep up with, and I’m really impressed with review sites who do this all the time.

I might take more suggestions for stories and authors for the future, or for future A to Z topics. I’m not sure. (You can always give me suggestions; I won’t guarantee to take them!)

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t always have a quote from the author to go with my review. That can be from any number of reasons: the author might be dead, the author might have no Website (or no contact info on the Website), I might have contacted the author too late, my contact e-mail might have wound up in the author’s spam folder (I did receive one note about this two weeks after a particular post had gone live), or the author might have been swamped by real world considerations. The only one of these I have any control over is how early I contact the author, so I don’t anticipate a lot of change in this area.

One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed about this series so far is the breadth I’m covering. (No surprise there, right?) My coverage is, of necessity, not encyclopedic. I can’t talk about everyone, but I try to cover as much of the speculative range as I can.

Odd thing I wasn’t expecting: one author specifically requested I not include her. I honored her wish, but I was surprised.

Here we are, now, half the alphabet to go yet. I’m anticipating finishing up the last week of the year (probably combining X and Y into a single week). I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am.

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